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If you want to learn Mind Boggling - Eye Popping & Jaw Dropping magic tricks that:

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One Common Problem Faced by Most Magicians and Mentalists


One big problem that most mentalists and magicians face is that they don’t know what to do when they are asked to perform magic all of a sudden.  I was once in the same situation, if I didn’t have my special cards, coins or other things then I used to get real confused. 


It is really irritating that you call yourself a magician, then a person approaches you and asks you to perform and you have no clue what to do, simply because you weren’t prepared ahead of time.


But there is no need to worry anymore.  We are here to help you learn amazing impromptu mentalism tricks and magic tricks.



How Can We Help You?



I will teach you astounding impromptu mental magic tricks that will astonish and baffle your audience.  I have been doing magic since the late 80s.  I have performed on stage along with close-up magic.  My expertise and passion for close-up magic will help you become proficient in impromptu close-up magic.  After you learn these secrets, you will simply wait for people to come and ask you to perform magic or mentalism tricks anywhere, anytime



Advantages of Learning Impromptu Close-up Magic and Mentalism Tricks


·              You will be able to do a fascinating magic show anywhere using ordinary objects.

·              You will be able to perform magic and mentalism at any given moment.

·              You won’t have to carry any sort of gimmicks with you anymore.

·              You won’t have to prepare ahead of time.

·              You will learn to perform amazing and astonishing magic tricks and impromptu mental magic.

Just imagine going to a friend’s house and starting a magic show using oridnary objects.  Well, this is what being a true magician or mentalist is all about.  As I say, “Impromptu magic tricks and mentalism effects are loved by both magicians and audience because a magician performs extraordinary stuff using ordinary objects”.



Take a Look at the Impromptu Mentalism Tricks that We Have Added to Our Website




Quick Prediction by Shaukat

A Powerful, Visual and Impromptu Mentalism Effect!

This impromptu effect will empower you to predict what name your spectator will choose.

You can even send your prediction by mail long before you intend to show this amazing effect. Your spectator will keep the sealed envelope and open it only after the effect is done. You will stay far away from the envelope… and the prediction will match their selection, always.

There are lots of possibilities.

Here is one possibility:

You will use 8 business cards in this effect. You can even borrow them.

(Note: You will notice that blank business cards have been used in performance. This effect can be done with borrowed business cards too. You will learn the ins and outs in the video tutorial.)

Write down 5 different names on 5 of the cards. Write your prediction on the 6th card. The last 2 cards will be numbered in front of your spectators and your spectators will see that nothing is written on them.

Now…Mix up the 5 cards with different names written on them. Have the spectator deal them on to the table next to each other. You will instruct them to choose a card. Have them take out your prediction… and they will match.

Now…Wave your prediction on the numbered cards… and the name of their selection will magically appear on one of the cards.

This effect is very easy to learn. In fact, you will be ready to perform it just a few minutes after you learn the secret.

So, don’t wait…because it’s time to make flawless predictions.

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